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About me

I have been teaching English for over 15 years. My professional teaching career started at, kindergarten level. Over the years, I kept on teaching 1st, to 8th graders. While I was working, I noticed my eagerness and ability to connect with students and colleagues pretty easily. I am quite an extrovert, who can develop positive relationships with anyone I meet including parents, students and colleagues. In my final years in the middle school, I realized that it was time to improve my teaching skills and my knowledge in the areas of my interest and career, so I attended courses and certifications. I took my Celta degree in ITI and had the chance to work with adults, in the international arenas. I attended Group Study Exchange Program which took place in U.S.A with Rotary and I took part in Honeywell Green Boot Camp which was held in the U.S.A concerning sustainability, green energy and how we can inspire our students for a greener future. While taking part in those projects I realized that I was quite enthusiastic in playing a role in more social, international and environmental facts to develop more social and environmental awareness within myself and my students as well.  

Over the time, my experience helped me to give a direction to my career as an English teacher. I started seeking for something more academic, that’s why I applied to a University to work as an English instructor in preparatory classes. Throughout this term, I built a strong confidence in teaching more academic topics. All the academic seminars and workshops that I attended, helped me contribute my career in the most academic way.

Within the recent years of my professional career I’ve had chance to carry my career into a different field in which I can share my teaching and programming experience as an educational consultant. Now I am providing language teaching consultancy to selected private schools in Turkey. In the light of 21st century skills I've decided to improve my teaching abilities in the digital arena, so I started to attend webinars and workshops in order to be able to create and use digital sources more effectively. Within the pandemic years, I've started one on one language tutoring remotely with personalized digital materials and contents. 

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